Dutch Architecture I : De Inktpot

Facade of the de Inktpot
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One of the more curious buildings in Holland is “de Inktpot”. This 1921 national monument is the largest building in the Netherlands made entirely out of brick (and some glazing, obviously). 22 million bricks were used apparently. The architect George … Continue reading

Haarhuis | Under Construction

Hotel Haarhuis
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An other current and ongoing project is the construction of Hotel Haarhuis’s new wing. Before there’s construction,however, there’s destruction! Which is an art form in itself.  

Diner | Ad-dress @ Jones

Diner @ Jones Arnhem
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I’ve been kinda busy the last few months. So just a quick update with some of my recent work ______________________ DINER | AD-DRESS An exclusive diner with Alexander van Slobbe, Sander Luske and Judith ter Haar in honor of the … Continue reading

Løkken | Denmark

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This is Løkken. There’s not a lot to do here. If you like long walks on the beach, however, this is one amazing place! The wind continually changes the landscape around you and the fabulous sunsets are never boring.

What if…

mies magazine
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What if architecture had its own glossy? Not just another boring educational medium but a genuine personal magazine. About the people designing, living and cleaning buildings. From software to sports and the latest gossip. Just like your average glossy! What … Continue reading

OS X Lion Cub

OS X Lion
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It’s cute, fluffy, adorable, unpredictable en pretty much useless. Just like a real lion cub 5 months with OS X Lion is something else entirely….and not in a good way. Perhaps is was my own fault to update blindly. Previous … Continue reading