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South Africa | Tankwa Karoo National Park

One of the most beautiful places on this earth is the Karoo semi-desert, particularly the Tankwa Karoo. It’s the perfect place to sit down and do absolutely nothing (apart from the occasional braai and photography naturally).


tankwa_karoo_elandsberg_cottage_front_door_levin_boer_094_DSC0246Elandsberg cottage entrance


tankwa_karoo_elandsberg_cottage_front_view_levin_boer_092_DSC0236 Elandsberg cottage


tankwa_karoo_elandsberg_cottage_plunge_pool_view_levin_boer_068_LEV8296Elandsberg cottages have their own plunge pool to relax after so much rest


tankwa_karoo_elandsberg_cottage_sunset_view_terrace_levin_boer_079_DSC0202 Elandsberg cottage at sunset. There’s no electricity here, so the skies at night are impressive. Use the oil lamps to do some after sunset reading.


tankwa_karoo_elandsberg_cottage_view_sunrise_levin_boer_103_LEV8469 Elandsberg cottage just before sunrise. The solar panel is only there for the plunge pool.


tankwa_karoo_elandsberg_landscape_bio_levin_boer_070_LEV8320 One might not notice this not a ordinary hotspot. No, this is a real biodiversity hotspot! If you’re into plants you might actually have something to do since about one-third of the world’s approximately 10,000 succulent species can be found here. Then again, the January average temp is 38.9 °C. So if you’re going to count them all winter time is recommended.


tankwa_karoo_elandsberg_panorama_view_levin_boer_069_LEV8314 Impressive vistas all around


tankwa_karoo_national_park_main_road_levin_boer_082_LEV8388 The main road through Tankwa


tankwa_karoo_sun_landscape_levin_boer_106_LEV8479 It’s oh so quiet here.